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The most comprehensive sourcing platform

To cater to the diverse needs of the food and hospitality industry in India, THFS 2018 offers a wide selection of products and services through its two specialised shows under one roof.


Commercial Kitchen & Catering Equipment

Food & Beverage Services Equipment

Food products (Packaged Frozen Food, Organic & RTS)

Gourmet Foods (Seafood, Meat, Poultry & Cheese)

Restaurant Software & Technology

Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning


Hotel & Leisure Show

Architecture & Interiors

Technology & Engineering

Operational Tools & Services Housekeeping

Facility Management

Security / Front Office



Gain knowledge and exposure to new trends, products and resources that are available for your business. This is a great way to learn about what’s hot, what’s fading and what your business needs to have or do right now.
Stimulate new ideas and creative ways to support your business despite the economy, past seasons and more.
Get answers right away, whether from a vendor or a retailer, as THFS allows for immediate communication and easy, accessible outlets of exposure for both vendors and retailers.
Become educated on your industry so that you can better support your clients and customers by utilizing all the resources THFS has to offer.

• Gain an overview of the market and industry – trade fairs bring together the whole industry worldwide
• Find new markets and opportunities
• Follow latest trends and innovations – keep yourself up to date
• Get new ideas for your business
• See novelties – trade fairs are places where large numbers of new products and services are launched
• Evaluate products and suppliers – you get competitive information about a wide range of products and suppliers in a short space of time
• Compare and discuss specific issues, features, prices and conditions
• Place orders and negotiate contracts
• Look for specific products and services
• Find information to solve specific problems
• Evaluate your competitors – a visit to a trade fair in your own industry is an efficient way of gathering competitor intelligence
• Learn – trade fairs are great places to extend and deepen your knowledge
• Gather suggestions regarding your own business e.g. product and design
• Keep in touch with your existing business partners
• Generate new business contacts
• Evaluate the benefits of possible participation as exhibitor
• Visit conferences, networking events, workshops, seminars and panel discussions
• Network – trade fairs provide a unique venue for people with common interests to connect personally with one another

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